Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The Hardest Task - To Get Back Up

I really wasn't sure what I was gonna say exactly when I actually pressed the "New Post" button and I still don't really think I do. But basically what I wanna convey to all of you was the basic yet necessitive task of rising up after a very hard fall. We know it's difficult when it happens. We say He's just so cruel to us and ask the same question again, and again.."Why only me?!" Seriously...even though we mean it in a rhetoric way, I'm sure every one of us have asked the same question. This happens "only to you" just cause it was just meant to happen! And coming to the quotes I used on the "only to you"...what I say is pretty obvious to the common man when he has a clear mind...It just may seem that it only happens to you. IT HAPPENS TO EVERYONE. I'm sorry guys but I just needed to emphasize on that. The intensities vary from one person to the other, but just get this one thing straight - No human on Earth has never left the world without shedding a tear of sadness. It IS tough to get over me..been there, felt feel betrayed by Life because the mistake wasn't on your part then. I agree, Life is a bit unfair at times..but just understand..not rising up after taking a fall just isn't an option! You HAVE to get up someday...and if you take too much time, you'll feel things would have changed too much for you to cope with right then! :/ So just remember this when you go through a crash landing : When Life pulls you back...think of yourself as a stone loaded on a catapult ready to be shot high into the sky.If you understand what I'm trying to say..I assure you. You'll get through it. I'm sure. :)

Saturday, 16 June 2012

My First Official Poem

Hey there guys! :) I simply decided I should do something different for a change right now. I'm just trying my hand right now at a little's really small because it's my first time, so no mockery guys please :) I'm still a kindergarten poet right now and my skills on poetry would pretty much fortify the fact :P I'll do my best to write even better on my next one :)

The Game

I look at myself in the mirror,
First thing in the morning..
Asking myself the same questions,
Every single time, every single day..
Could it be any better or any worse,
Real hard to say..
At times, you stuck inside a blizzard and heartbeats grow wild..
Sometimes you're stuck in the seas of serenity in the heart of a child..
New challenges, new impediments each day,
Constantly fighting to find my way..
I'm hittin' you with everything, 
To escape your wrath..
I gotta pull out with the pain,
All through my path
I'm now done yet,
This isn't over!
Gimme all that you got...
'Cos i know, this game isn't easy..
This game. Of life.

Just give me a soft corner if you don't feel it's good enough :) I promise to do better next time :)
Thanks for reading guys :)

Crazy Catastrophes..or Creativity maybe?

I usually get all my craziest ideas while staring at the ceiling while lying on my bed. (Trust me, I thought of this post the same way :P)Most of em' are real, real crazy. If you ask me what that is, "I wonder how it would feel if could jump off the Empire State Building sitting on a chair and save myself by jumping off the chair at the last second.. I should try it sometime.."
   This could pretty much answer that question.
Crazy ideas are simply the beginning of any ground-breaking discovery or your free ticket to the closest Mental Institution..they could simply start from being visionary to downright stupid and anything in between!
Crazy ideas may have seemed crazy at first, but they may be the first stepping stone to creating something that would not have been even merely conceived by the greatest minds on the planet.. Who knows how many people would have felt sorry for Edison who was obsessed with his idea of the light bulb or who would have offered him a free ride to his physician. (Reality Check: Were cars invented during the time of Edison or not? :P) I used to fight with myself debating whether an idea was crazy or not, "Dude, you gotta be kidding me. 'Helicopters with Ceiling-Fan blades powered by a car battery' doesn't sound like a good idea to me." *Tell me about it! :P* Okay, there's no debate on that idea but that was just an example on how things may just sound so impossible in the beginning...but as you work on your idea, you'll find that it could just be worth  the hard work (or maybe a huge waste of time, depends on the level of craziness of the idea.) So what I'm trying to say is, if you get an idea and you think it's totally crazy...then maybe that's the one you should work on. :) never know, it just might be your VIP pass to Greatness. :)

Thursday, 14 June 2012

The Talents Table


Colorful way to write a title but it's metaphorical guys :P (just cut me some slack here guys, I'm a beginner :D) Talents are something every one of us have something unique that we're gonna show the world someday. Everyone's got something - You, me, the kid across the street, that guy we don't like, everybody (And I hope selfishly that the guy has less than me :P, please, no offence guys :P ). Our talents are exactly like the gifts one may receive for Christmas.. We may not get the same thing the kid next door gets..but you DO have something equally good..and someday, what you have will show it's true worth and people will admire you for your talents! Just don't get dejected when someone says you're nothing..just remember one thing: You can do SOMETHING that they can't. Well to put things in a little box, It's like we all have a piece of a jigsaw puzzle with just might not seem to fit anywhere at first..but there's always that one place waiting for you and you alone. :)

Thanks for reading and I hope you all give me the support I need to carry on blogging by sharing this blog as much possible! :) Thanks a lot buddies! :)

Monday, 28 May 2012

The Deciding Dilemmas

Hey Guys! I was compelled to write this as a post because as a fellow 12th grade graduate, it hurts me to see people taking suicide to be a way out of a tough situation. That one wrong decision he makes...would they honestly think their parents actually be happy? Would their friends be happy if they were gone? If you ever even consider that to be an option, just remember this; If you have guts for a second, you can die..If you have guts every second, you can live.
You stand on a road where the roads fork and branch into many ways. You haven't been there before. You stand there at the brink of it without a clue. Where would each road take me? Where would I be taken? Which road leads to the best place? and infinitely many more questions are natural to pop up in our heads. All these questions surely DO have their answers. Those answers depend on one thing and one thing only. YOU. Every single decision you make and every single metaphorical chess piece you move decides the consequences you must face later on. Sometimes stories have a happy ending, sometimes things end up in tragedy. Sometimes you know you deserved what was coming to ya and sometimes you feel like Life was being unfair to you and you just may be right. Life has a way of mixing up the chemicals in a way that you may have tragic ends just to make up for the good stuff that Life is about to give you! So don't ever worry about making a choice unless you know it's wrong. Don't keep worrying of what would be to come and lose the present moment. Just believe in God. Take a Leap of Faith.

Friday, 25 May 2012

An Honest Beginning

Hey guys.
My first ever blog, my humble beginning. Like my name says, I'm gonna be posting everything that pops up in my head, of every genre... crazy,funny,inspiring,consoling and even philosophical stuff that I hope would at least make you think for a second about it.. Since this is my first ever blog, I'm keeping this a bit short..I promise to give you a better read on my next blog!

EVENTS. And I'm not talking about the Olympic Games or Euro 12. Simply the events that take place every day,every second of our lives. They happen whether we want them to or not. They happen whether they're meant to or not. They happen irrespective of the situation or the requirements. They happen, just cause they're meant to happen. Whether that's what you wanted to happen or not at the moment becomes impertinent. Events happen. They can be good. They can be bad. But regardless of nature of outcome, they make us see one thing, crystal clear. What we can do to get to the next level or what must be done to seek state plainly, What's next.